Simply be you

from top to toe

Welcome to My simple fashion diary

Got fed up with hours and hours of scrolling the web in the search of a better mascara? Scanning endless aisles of beauty products just to go home with the same lipgloss as last time? Or facing your wardrobe with the hope of a miracle to find something to wear to work? Time goes by and each day we walk out of the door with clothes and hair that have been compromised by our lack of time and resources. When really it shouldn’t be like that. Each day should be enriched and underlined by what you wear and how you feel about yourself. 

A journey of discovering your unique beautiful self

In my fashion diary I am talking about simple steps that don’t take a lot of time or require a lot of money but can make your style so much easier to handle and make you look so much better. If you’re ready to start your journey then subscribe to the newsletter below and each week you will receive a new inspiration. If you want to start your journey straight away you can read through my chapters below.

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